About Ceburu

Introducing CEBURU™: an innovative and comprehensive AI-based all-in-one RMM-designed application to tackle all IT infrastructure. Our SaaS platform integrates and automates infrastructure monitoring, application performance, log management, and patch management all in real-time monitoring. Our cutting-edge technology tackles financial losses suffered by businesses due to system failures and IT downtime.

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What We Do

Ceburu empowers IT professionals to excel in their roles, ensuring seamless operations for clients with our cutting-edge RMM Solutions. Our platform offers an extensive suite of AI-driven tools designed to streamline IT management, enhance efficiency, and deliver unparalleled reliability. Our system can reduce operational costs by avoiding system failures and enhance security by identifying unusual activities by triggering alerts or automated responses. It's not just a platform; it's your all-in-one solution for elevated IT performance.

Ceburu offers agile and affordable solutions to businesses globally and locally including but not limited to:

Governmental Agencies

Our Mission

We are empowering Businesses through our AI-driven IT Solutions.

At CEBURU™, our mission is to revolutionize IT infrastructure management through cutting-edge AI-driven Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) software solutions. We are committed to empowering businesses with intelligent tools that optimize efficiency, enhance security, and drive innovation.

To design and deploy the world's most used, most trusted IT monitoring software. Our vision? To transform the current (and future) digital networks paradigm - bringing AIdriven innovation and dependability to every market niche in every niche on the globe.

Our Mission

Our Founders
Our Founders

Based in Pleasanton, California's renowned Alameda County, CEBURU™ was founded in 2022 by industry insiders Jaseem Masood and Rehan Khan. The dynamic duo behind CEBURU™, where innovation meets leadership.

Jaseem Masood, the Founder and CEO, brings over 22 years of technology and AI expertise, shaping CEBURU™ into a force in Silicon Valley. Jaseem brings a wealth of expertise and a track record of success marked by innovation and excellence. His journey includes significant roles as the Vice President of Engineering at Trimble Inc. and the Director of Engineering at Cisco, where he played pivotal roles in shaping technological landscapes and contributing to cutting-edge software solutions.

Rehan Khan, Co-Founder and a tech visionary has played a pivotal role in establishing CEBURU™ as a trailblazer in AI-driven RMM solutions, bringing unmatched passion and experience to the forefront. The company's mission focuses on developing innovative RMM solutions that harness artificial intelligence to streamline IT processes and enhance organizational efficiency. Rehan's influence extends beyond CEBURU™, as he concurrently serves as the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Acordis Technology & Solutions, a leading technology and business solutions provider in South Florida, where he has demonstrated strong leadership, further solidifying his respected status in the tech community.

Our Team Leading Experts

Our team of certified experts has been at the forefront of AI, ML, and RMM technologies for decades-helping companies accelerate their digital transformation into the remote/hybrid environment.

Ceburu's success in AI begins with HI, human intelligence. That's why we've assembled the industry's leading development and deployment team - an impassioned corporate community of like-minded, future-driven experts…specializing in one (or more) aspects of Ceburu's mission - and always with a single idea in mind: the relentless pursuit of perfection. At Ceburu, we don't 'employ, we empower:

Software Engineers and Integrators
Product & Project Managers
QA and Testing Professionals
Cloud Architects
Technical Consultants
Sales and Marketing Coordinators
IT Support and Maintenance Staff
Cyber Security

IT Management
Our Goal is Your Goal: Simplicity

With tech job roles and cybersecurity threats becoming more sophisticated, organizations are rapidly transforming their IT infrastructures and up-skilling their workforce to ensure continuity. Technology is becoming more complex, more pervasive, and more fluid. More than ever before, businesses need to maximize their teams' and systems' digital literacy - and equip their platforms with the latest tools and technologies to monitor and maintain performance.

Ceburu is the leader in making 'the tech transition' smooth and hassle-free, incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning into our world-class, proprietary RMM platform to automate, streamline, and centralize:

Threat Detection and Alerts
Network Discovery
Remote Access
Patch Management
Professional Service Automation
Network Monitoring
Application Monitoring

Our Product: AI-Driven Integration

Ceburu's proprietary remote monitoring and management software is the new global leader in AI-driven solutions that are designed to empower IT teams: continuously scanning machines, software, and devices. We call it “Everything…All the Time.™” What's everything? Everything! Including your servers, CPU, computers, cloud applications, and more. Anything and everything with an endpoint on your network is connectable. We could go on for hours about the benefits of Ceburu RMM (give us a call and we'll prove it). But for now, here's a short list:

Reduced IT Downtime
Decreased Cost of Ownership
Operational Efficiency Enhancement
Proactive Maintenance
Real-Time Performance Insights
Improved Decision Making
AI Monitoring

Cloud Security
Our Promise: Simplicity, System-Wide

Positioned as a pioneer in global remote infrastructure monitoring and management solutions, Ceburu is committed to providing enterprise-wide, full-stack visibility. Through our cutting-edge AI-driven RMM platform, meticulously designed to be future-proof, we enable hundreds of businesses spanning various industries and market segments to effectively and proactively analyze and oversee their systems. Originating in Pleasanton, California, Ceburu has evolved into a company with a steadfast commitment to global expansion, fueled by high aspirations for international reach.

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